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Employment rate clearly up in one year

| 28.1.2022

The number of employed people was 128,000 higher in December 2021 than one year before, according to the... Read more


New collective agreements for salaried employees in the technology industry

| 18.1.2022

A pay deal at the last minute has stopped a planned strike by the salaried employees in the... Read more


First pay deals for the technology industry are born

| 14.1.2022

The new collective agreement for the technology industry will raise pay by 2 per cent in 2022. On... Read more


UPM isolates itself more due to its labour market policy line

| 13.12.2021

UPM, the Finnish forestry giant, is still confounding everyone with its stance on collective agreement negotiations. On the... Read more


Violence and harassment at workplaces affects women more often than men

| 8.12.2021

Violence and harassment at workplaces are not uncommon. Offences of this nature are more often directed at women... Read more


Tax day reveals everyone’s income and tax data

| 16.11.2021

Helsinki (11.11.2021 – Heikki Jokinen) Wednesday 10 November is the day the Finnish Tax Administration publishes all tax... Read more


STTK On women’s payday: Equal pay for equal work and work of equal value

| 16.11.2021

This year, women’s earnings are 84.3 per cent of men’s earnings. Based on this, Women’s PayDay was celebrated... Read more


Technology industry collective bargaining can finally begin

| 1.11.2021

Helsinki (26.10.2021 – Heikki Jokinen) Employers are finally willing to proceed with negotiations for a new collective agreement... Read more


STTK report: Trade union movement levels income differences in the OECD countries

| 1.9.2021

Helsinki (31.08.2021 – Heikki Jokinen) The share of people under the poverty line drops when trade union density... Read more