Employment pension

Finland has statutory employment pension coverage. The labour market organisations negotiate both the content and funding of pension coverage. The employment pension system and coverage are important aspects of trade unions’ safeguarding of interests.

Development of the employment pension system

The Finnish employment pension system has a solid foundation. However, the pension system must evolve in accordance with the requirements of society so that pensions can continue to be paid in the future. Our employment pension system is being challenged by longer life expectancy, population ageing and falling birth rates in particular. Our aim is to ensure the financial sustainability of employment pensions for generations to come, long into the future. The key factors in this respect are the number of working-age people, the development of salary amounts and the performance of investments. Extended careers call for better security in working life and measures to promote working capacity.

The employment pension, disability pension, earnings-related unemployment allowance and employees’ group life insurance are based on the salary we earn when we work. Our social security and pension systems are funded by employers and employees in many respects. It is therefore important that we are involved in the related decision-making.