STTK Board of Directors: Workplaces still have work to do in stopping racism

As a result of the population’s age structure and the low birth rate, Finland must increase international recruitment... Read more

The new controversial Patient Security Act limits the right to strike

The deadlock in nurses’ collective bargaining led to a new law restricting the right to strike and has... Read more

Survey: UPM do not treat salaried employees even-handedly

Forestry giant UPM adamantly refuses to engage in collective bargaining with their salaried employees. Since the beginning of... Read more

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Lasting imprint of war

Antti Palola | 4.4.2022

I’m a child of spring, and the increase in daylight has always given me strength. I thought at... Read more

Unequal treatment of refugees is racism

Tomi Rantanen | 25.3.2022

In the last three weeks, more than three million people have fled the war in Ukraine. The general... Read more

Freedom and responsibility after the reform of the EU’s economic governance 

Patrizio Lainà | 21.12.2021

Freedom and responsibility must go hand in hand when reforming the EU’s economic governance framework. Finnish trade union... Read more


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The international trade union movement helps Ukraine

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Lasting imprint of war

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Unequal treatment of refugees is racism

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