Luca Visentini relieved of his position as ITUC’s general secretary

Antti Palola | 17.3.2023

The General Council of the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) has relieved Luca Visentini, who was elected as... Read more


SAK unions intensify their cooperation in collective bargaining

| 19.12.2022

Unions belonging to SAK are intensifying their cooperation in the ongoing collective bargaining round. The reason behind this... Read more


ITUC elects Antti Palola to Executive Bureau

| 30.11.2022

Antti Palola, President of STTK, was elected to the Executive Bureau of the International Trade Union Confederation ITUC.... Read more


International trade union movement meets in Melbourne

Jaakko Haikonen | 10.11.2022

After four years, the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) will meet once again in Congress, this time in... Read more


Open letter to EU leaders

| 17.10.2022

Dear EU leaders The soaring cost of food and energy is plunging families across Europe into a cost-of-living... Read more


Nurses’ unions accept the new pay deal

| 10.10.2022

On 3 October, the nurses’ unions Tehy and Super and the employers’ organisations have accepted the National Conciliator’s... Read more


Summer Job Helpline once again answered young people’s questions

| 28.9.2022

Since 2005, the Summer Job Helpline has been helping young people doing their summer job. The service is... Read more


The new controversial Patient Security Act limits the right to strike

| 19.9.2022

The deadlock in nurses’ collective bargaining led to a new law restricting the right to strike and has... Read more


Nurses’ Autumn of discontent

| 12.9.2022

In June, the two nurses’ unions Tehy and Super pulled out of the major municipal sector collective agreement.... Read more