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STTK Board of Directors: Workplaces still have work to do in stopping racism

Antti Palola | 29.6.2022

As a result of the population’s age structure and the low birth rate, Finland must increase international recruitment... Read more


Finally, a pay deal for the municipal sector – excluding nurses’ unions

| 13.6.2022

The long quest for a collective agreement in the municipal sector finally resulted in a pay deal. But... Read more


STTK survey: 80 per cent have positive experiences in working with a person with a foreign background

Taina Vallander | 13.6.2022

As many as 79 per cent of all people employed work or have worked with a person with... Read more


Municipal sector negotiations deadlocked

| 6.6.2022

Collective bargaining in the municipal sector is increasingly becoming more complicated and difficult. All negotiations have failed so... Read more


Nurses’ unions say no to the conciliation committee pay deal proposal

| 12.5.2022

Nurses’ unions rejected the conciliation committee proposal for a pay deal for the municipal sector. Other unions and... Read more


‘The labour rights of young people should be respected to the same extent as those of more senior employees’ – the free Summer Job Helpline provides assistance for summer employees

| 4.5.2022

The Summer Job Helpline, provided jointly by the Central Organisation of Finnish Trade Unions (SAK), Akava and the... Read more


Local government strike closes schools, daycare centres, museums, public libraries

| 4.5.2022

More than 80,000 local government employees strike in ten major Finnish cities 3 – 9 May. In Helsinki,... Read more


Strikes continue apace in municipal sector

| 11.4.2022

Short strikes are on the increase in the public municipal services sector. Negotiations to reach collective agreements for... Read more


Lasting imprint of war

Antti Palola | 4.4.2022

I’m a child of spring, and the increase in daylight has always given me strength. I thought at... Read more