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Job Vacancy : General Director for European Trade Union Institute (ETUI)

| 25.9.2023

The European Trade Union Institute (ETUI) is seeking to recruit a full time New General Director of the... Read more


The “Muutostöissä” campaign, led by social media influencers, aims to awaken awareness for the possibilities of a culturally diverse working life

| 1.9.2023

A change in attitude is necessary and the responsibility belongs to everyone in the workplace.  This shift in... Read more


Statement: Charging full tuition fees would reduce the number of international experts in Finland

Riina Nousiainen | 6.6.2023

In its material to the government negotiators, the Ministry of Education and Culture has proposed that international students... Read more


SAK unions intensify their cooperation in collective bargaining

| 19.12.2022

Unions belonging to SAK are intensifying their cooperation in the ongoing collective bargaining round. The reason behind this... Read more


ITUC elects Antti Palola to Executive Bureau

| 30.11.2022

Antti Palola, President of STTK, was elected to the Executive Bureau of the International Trade Union Confederation ITUC.... Read more


International trade union movement meets in Melbourne

Jaakko Haikonen | 10.11.2022

After four years, the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) will meet once again in Congress, this time in... Read more


Open letter to EU leaders

| 17.10.2022

Dear EU leaders The soaring cost of food and energy is plunging families across Europe into a cost-of-living... Read more


Nurses’ unions accept the new pay deal

| 10.10.2022

On 3 October, the nurses’ unions Tehy and Super and the employers’ organisations have accepted the National Conciliator’s... Read more


Summer Job Helpline once again answered young people’s questions

| 28.9.2022

Since 2005, the Summer Job Helpline has been helping young people doing their summer job. The service is... Read more