STTK hopes that new MEPs cooperate with employees

Antti Palola

New MEPs have been elected and the Board of STTK congratulates all new Finnish MEPs.
“Our new members are experienced and competent politicians. We hope they will cooperate to promote the interests of employees and continue to develop a social Europe. Everyone needs decent working conditions and a salary they can live with. Competence and education must be looked after to ensure that the green transition and the progress of digitalisation are perceived as fair. Problems related to migration and displacement are common to the whole of Europe, so solutions are needed instead of populism,” says President Antti Palola.

STTK regrets that only just over 40% of those entitled to vote in Finland exercised their right to vote. The voter turnout was even lower than in the previous European election.
“In democracy, elections should be a celebration of democracy, but Finland’s largest party was the party of sleepers. The European Parliament decides on matters that in one way or another are reflected in Finnish legislation and thereby the everyday lives of Finnish citizens. It is sad that people are not interested,” Palola says.

Low voter turnout has its consequences.
“When a majority of people skips elections, the legitimacy of democracy is weakened and citizens’ trust in political institutions is reduced.

Europe will be facing big things during the next five years.
“The list includes climate change mitigation and the green transition, security of Europe in the shadow of Russia’s ongoing aggression in Ukraine, and the progress of digitalisation and artificial intelligence. The new Parliament will have a lot to say in how things develop on our continent.

Further information at STTK: Antti Palola, tel. +358 40 509 6030.



STTK hopes that new MEPs cooperate with employees


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