The labour market organisations condemn racism

The Finnish employee and employer confederations condemn racism in all forms. They point out that Finland is committed to international agreements and the concept of a shared Europe. Anti-immigration opposition and racism are not Finland’s solution to the flow of immigrants as a result of the refugee crisis.

More than 8,000 asylum seekers have arrived in Finland this year. This number is already, today, double the number of the entire previous year, and it continues to grow.

“Immigrants should always be viewed as neighbours, and they must be treated with dignity and respect. The attitude and shared responsibility of the Finnish people is crucial in this situation in which people are fleeing their own homelands for unfamiliar countries, climates, and language and cultural environments,” the organisations stress.

“The importance of tolerance and mutual understanding is essential in all interactions in which racism, xenophobia and animosity may arise: in homes, schools, workplaces and recreational activities. Everyone’s input makes a difference, and even the smallest action can show that the Finnish people care and are willing to bear their part of the shared responsibility.

Immigrants meet with a number of challenges in working life as well. The organisations emphasise that all employees in Finland have the same responsibilities, rights and obligations regardless of, for example, ethnic background, skin colour, language or gender. Despite the current difficult economic and employment situation, Finland will need a new labour force in the future, also from abroad.


Confederation of Finnish Industries – EK

Commission for Church Employers

Local Government Employers KT

Central Organisation of Finnish Trade Unions SAK

Finnish Confederation of Professionals STTK

Office for the Government as Employer (VTML)




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