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The European Commission’s minimum wage proposal would promote sectoral collective agreements

| 18.12.2020

The Finnish trade union confederations SAK and STTK welcome the Commission’s proposal for a minimum wage (COM/2020/682 final)... Read more


Jorma Malinen to continue as Trade Union Pro President

| 16.11.2020

15.11.2020 – (Heikki Jokinen) On Friday 13 November, the trade union Pro representative body elected Jorma Malinen to... Read more


Even good equality goals will not progress without concrete action

| 9.11.2020

The Finnish Confederation of Professionals (STTK) welcomes the guidelines of the government programme for promoting equality and the... Read more


Finnish Labour Council: Food couriers are employees, not entrepreneurs

| 4.11.2020

Helsinki (03.11.2020 – Heikki Jokinen) Food couriers are employees, not entrepreneurs, says Finland’s Labour Council. It released two... Read more


Insurance employees union and Trade Union Pro to amalgamate

| 14.10.2020

The Union of Insurance Employees in Finland VvL and Trade Union pro are set to merge from the... Read more


Forest industry declares it will no longer take part in collective bargaining

| 7.10.2020

The forest industry announced on 1 October that it will no longer participate in collective bargaining. The decision... Read more


EU gender pay gap won’t end until 2104 without action

| 7.10.2020

The EU’s gender pay gap won’t be eliminated until the next century at the current pace of change,... Read more


Finland had no need for new schemes for short-time work due to the coronavirus pandemic

| 18.9.2020

Helsinki (17.09.2020 – Heikki Jokinen) The Finnish system for temporary lay-offs turned out to be flexible in comparison... Read more


The European Commission’s objective on fair minimum wages is important – well-functioning systems based on nationwide collective agreements must be safeguarded

| 14.9.2020

The Finnish trade union confederations SAK and STTK, representing 1,4 million workers and employees in Finland, appreciate the... Read more