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Competitiveness Pact signed covering 86.5 per cent of employees

| 15.6.2016

The Competitiveness Pact was finally signed on the evening of 14 June. Most of the Finnish unions endorsed... Read more


Antti Palolas speech in Seminar on Decent Work

| 13.6.2016

I would like to thank president Halonen for the opening words and Director General Ryder and minister Lindström... Read more

Liittojen tiedotteet

Number of workers included in collective bargaining agreements on the increase in Finland

| 1.4.2016

The collective bargaining system in Finland The collective bargaining system in Finland now comprises around 90 per cent... Read more


A broad labour market pact is born – and the burden will be heavy for employees

Antti Palola | 1.3.2016

The labour market organisations finally agreed on a broad labour market pact. It makes working hours a bit... Read more


Board of STTK supports the negotiated accord to increase Finland’s competitiveness

Antti Palola | 29.2.2016

The Finnish Confederation of Professionals  STTK, considers the settlement to improve the country’s competitiveness satisfactory, after long and... Read more


Rules on local bargaining under intense negotiation

| 25.2.2016

The outline for a local bargaining model is right now under intense negotiation between labour market organisations. The... Read more


Leila Kurki: Work organisation and workplace learning: creating a win-win environment

| 18.12.2015


Employers pull out of negotiations for national labour market pact

Antti Palola | 3.12.2015

The negotiations to draft a comprehensive labour market pact ended in the early hours of the morning of... Read more


Finland’s situation continues to be difficult

Antti Palola | 20.11.2015

The Finnish Government continues to prepare legislation to improve competitiveness, or so-called repressive legislation, regardless of trade union... Read more