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Summer job hotline helped hundreds of young people

| 10.10.2014

Some 550 people have called the hotline that counsels young people working in summer jobs. The service is... Read more


Ukrainian crisis hits Finnish economic growth

| 9.10.2014

The negative impact of the Ukraine crisis on Finland’s economic growth is turning out to be greater than... Read more


Industry unions support building new nuclear power plant

| 19.9.2014

The government decided to grant the Finnish Fennovoima company permission to go ahead with a new minority shareholder... Read more


Pension reform on the door

| 21.8.2014

Labour market organisations are struggling to negotiate a reform of the pension system. The reform aims to ensure... Read more


Outsourcing does not make public services better, Finnish politicians believe

| 13.8.2014

More than half of Finnish politicians believe that outsourcing makes it more difficult to get equal access to... Read more

Finnish politicians ready to defend Nordic welfare model

| 22.5.2014

More than 90 per cent of Finnish politicians expressed a desire to defend the Nordic welfare model in... Read more


Education enhances democracy and civil rights

| 20.5.2014

All the congress themes of ITUC are important. However, STTK, the Finnish confederation of professionals, thinks that education... Read more


Confederations support campaign to reduce use of alcohol and problems created by it

| 27.1.2014

Alcohol results in some two million days of absence from work every year in Finland. The harm caused... Read more


A New Year and some new laws and regulations

| 27.1.2014

2014 brings with it some changes in regard to unemployment benefits, parental leave and developing employees’ professional skills.... Read more