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Antti Palola: People wanted to have a change and they did get it

Antti Palola | 16.6.2015

Antti Palolas speech in the meeting of the BSLF Steering Committee in STTK 2.6.2015. I would like to give you... Read more


National Wage Agreement offers 16 euro a month rise

| 16.6.2015

The Trade Union Confederations accept a negotiated continuation of the national pact for employment and growth. This was... Read more


Government postpone cuts in unemployment benefits

| 12.6.2015

Discussion on the so-called social contract is becoming ever more heated in Finland. The new Government wants to... Read more


Government’s new proposal to labour market organisations: take it or leave it

| 29.5.2015

The idea for a labour market social contract is back. Earlier in May PM Juha Sipilä presented his... Read more


Plan for a social contract for labour market fails

| 11.5.2015

The attempt by the Prime Minister-designate Juha Sipilä to create a social contract between labour market organisations has... Read more


The Summer Job Helpline (Kesäduunari) provides young people with advice on issues pertaining to summer jobs

| 30.4.2015

The Summer Job Helpline, provided jointly by the Central Organisation of Finnish Trade Unions (SAK), the Finnish Confederation... Read more


83 000 employees work with zero-hours contracts

| 27.3.2015

Four per cent of all employees in Finland work with zero-hours contracts. Statistics Finland estimates that some 83... Read more


Unemployment rose slightly in Finland

| 9.3.2015

The unemployment rate is now 8.8 per cent, up slightly from 8.5 per cent in January 2014. According... Read more


Negotiations on reforms of bargaining system fails

| 19.2.2015

Negotiations to reform the labour market bargaining system broke down after more than one year of work. The... Read more