Parliamentary elections in Finland and STTK’s goals in government programme


Finland held parliamentary election on 14 April 2019. Here are the the ten goals STTK sees the incoming government should include in its programme.

Sustainable work, economy and education

  1. Workplace legislation needs to be reformed to respond to changes in the labor market, enterprise structures, technology and forms of work. A new law on the development of workplace activities is needed to replace the Act on Co-operation within Undertakings.
  2. The parental leave system must be reformed according to the 6 + 6 + 6 model
  3. The social security system must be reformed to encourage employment and inclusion in society.
  4. The economic structures needs to be reformed, the know-how strengthened, and the amount of investment increased in order to fully exploit the future growth potential.
  5. Sustainable financing of the welfare state requires a strong tax base.
  6. Taxation of work must support employment and the commissioning of work. Income tax on low- and middle-income earners must not prevent skills development or the acceptance of more demanding tasks.
  7. Finland needs a clear strategy for moving to a low-carbon society. Circular economy and sustainable development should be promoted with sufficient incentives and obligations.
  8. An overall program is needed to increase labor migration. Investing in integration would pay itself back in higher employment.
  9. A comprehensive review of adult education covering all sectors of education should be launched. Upgrading (your) skills flexibly alongside (your) working should be enabled.
  10. All primary school graduates should complete at least a secondary degree. The second degree should be free of charge.




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