Equality and fairness


Equality is a generally acknowledged basic value of the Finnish society and working life. It benefits the whole society that all Finns have work and we can participate in the building of society on equal terms. We support equal pay, an even distribution of income and a sustainable and fair taxation that will pay for the welfare state services to all Finns.

Need for a family leave reform

An equal working life also involves a fair distribution of family leaves, which benefits children and parents alike. We call for a family leave reform, securing parents’ equal opportunities to participate in childcare and to advance their own careers. Better reconciliation of work and family as well as a more even distribution of family leaves will build a fairer and good working life. The reforms must also take various family forms into account.

Equal pay and fair compensation

Gender pay equality can be improved by increasing openness about pay and by giving staff representatives the required information of the individualized wages of the people they represent. A separate item paid to women in connection of pay rises could be one way of narrowing the pay gap.
Compensation must be fair and it must take into account all members of the work community. Employees’ motivation is essentially affected by the experience of fairness and a fair compensation for results. Income disparity in Finland is small in international comparison, but the development of income gaps must nevertheless be monitored and discussed.

Equality in work communities

Employees must be treated fairly and equally regardless of the form of employment, age, gender, ethnic background, conviction or sexual orientation. The rules, basic rights and obligations of working life must be the same for everyone.

It is important to have open and honest discussions about potential equality-related problems in the work community. Zero tolerance must be shown to all discrimination in every work community. As a part of the equality plans, for instance procedural instructions can be drawn up to prevent and solve discrimination cases.