Equality and non-discrimination

| 7.12.2022

In Finland, equality between genders is a generally recognised fundamental value in society and working life. Equality in... Read more


Increasing pay transparency with EU legislation is an effective way to promote equal pay

| 2.6.2021

On 4 March 2021, the European Commission proposed binding measures to promote pay transparency in Europe. FinUnions considers... Read more

STTK goes Skills Week

| 20.9.2019

Future of lifelong learning in the Nordic countries – EU Vocational Skills Week The seminar aims at promoting lifelong learning... Read more

Equality and fairness

| 26.3.2019

Equality is a generally acknowledged basic value of the Finnish society and working life. It benefits the whole... Read more


| 26.3.2019

Finnish competitiveness, the growth of the productivity of working life and the financial wellbeing of society and individuals... Read more


| 26.3.2019

In The Finnish Confederation of Professionals STTK we work to: take initiative and be a strong voice in... Read more