UPM strike over – paper machines up and running again

| 29.4.2022

The 112 day long strike at paper giant UPM paper and pulp mills has finally ended. Paper began... Read more


Workers’ Memorial Day: 30,000 more preventable workplace deaths expected by 2030

| 28.4.2022

Almost 30,000 people may lose their lives at work in the EU over this decade without action to... Read more


Statement from the BASTUN network on the arrest and detention on Belarus Trade Union Leaders

| 22.4.2022

21 April 2022 – The BASTUN The BASTUN – Baltic Sea Trade Union Network – condemns the arrest... Read more


The international trade union movement helps Ukraine

| 19.4.2022

Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the international trade union movement has helped Ukraine in various ways: by... Read more


Strike pay varies a lot from union to union

| 13.4.2022

When a union declares a strike, it pays strike pay to its members. Without this benefit and a... Read more


Strikes continue apace in municipal sector

| 11.4.2022

Short strikes are on the increase in the public municipal services sector. Negotiations to reach collective agreements for... Read more


25,000 nurses to go on strike from beginning of April

| 29.3.2022

A major strike of 25,000 nurses is beginning on 1 April, unless a last-minute agreement can be reached.... Read more


Industrial Union to support paper workers’ strike at UPM to the tune of 2.2 million euro

| 28.3.2022

Collective bargaining at UPM paper mills have not yet yielded any results. The forestry giant UPM still stubbornly... Read more


UPM frames paper mill strike as a force majeure

| 11.3.2022

The shortage of printing paper becomes more critical due to the strike at the UPM Finnish paper mills.... Read more