Unit: Employment, Economy, Education and International Affairs

Nousiainen, Riina

Riina Nousiainen | 27.10.2022

An expert in education and competence development. I am responsible for issues related to education policy, predicting competence... Read more

Lainà, Patrizio

Patrizio Lainà | 13.2.2020

I am responsible for influencing economic policy and labour and tax policy guidelines. In my free time, I... Read more

Gorschkow, Elena

Elena Gorschkow | 13.2.2020

I plan and implement STTK’s advocacy work in cooperation with the management, experts and member unions. I drink... Read more

Häggman, Maria

Maria Häggman | 29.8.2018

I am responsible for STTK’s international cooperation and the preparation and coordination of EU advocacy. I represent STTK... Read more

Vallander, Taina

Taina Vallander | 28.10.2013

I manage STTK’s community relations team, operations development and strategic planning. My areas of responsibility include issues related... Read more

Nevalainen, Seppo

Seppo Nevalainen | 4.10.2013

My areas of responsibility include economic and tax policy, as well as enquiries and reviews. Football fills up... Read more

Hyvönen, Ulla

Ulla Hyvönen | 4.10.2013

An expert in industrial policy and regional development. I am responsible for industrial and regional policy influence. I... Read more

Haikonen, Jaakko

Jaakko Haikonen | 4.10.2013

An expert in climate and energy issues. I am responsible for issues related to fighting climate change, energy... Read more

Gylling, Päivi

Päivi Gylling | 4.10.2013

I am an assistant to directors Minna Ahtiainen and Taina Vallander. Tasks related to the representation of interests,... Read more