The unions convened to decide on the organization and timeline for the New Confederation project

The trade unions registered for the clarification work of the new confederation met in Helsinki today. The union meeting decided on the organization, timetable and finances for the clarification work.

The meeting elected a steering group for the project that consists of 14 union representatives and two confederation chairs acting as specialist members. The steering group e.g. prepares the motions for the meetings of the unions involved in the clarification work and runs the progress and finances of the project.

The steering group members are Pertti Porokari (Union of Professional Engineers in Finland), Rauno Vesivalo (Union of Health and Social Care Professionals), Silja Paavola (The Finnish Union of Practical Nurses), Maija Pihlajamäki (The Federation of Public and Private Sector Employees), Niko Simola (Federation of Salaried Employees Pardia), Liisa Halme (The Union of Insurance Employees in Finland), Jarkko Eloranta (The Trade Union for the Public and Welfare Sectors), Ann Selin (Service Union United PAM), Riku Aalto (The Finnish Metalworkers’ Union), Marko Piirainen (Transport Union), Matti Harjuniemi (The Finnish Construction Trade Union), Veli-Matti Kuntonen (Finnish Food Workers’ Union SEL) and Timo Vallittu (Industrial Union TEAM).

A project manager who is independent from the member unions and confederations will be elected to prepare and coordinate the practical implementation of the clarification work.  The steering group will later appoint the preparatory working groups.

The clarification phase will proceed with the election of the project manager during the spring and with the definition of the strategy and basic tasks for the confederation. The working groups prepare the draft resolutions for each function during the autumn. The goal is that the new confederation will start operating at the beginning of 2017.

So far, 46 trade unions have announced their participation in the clarification stage of the new confederation. The list of unions involved in the project is attached. They represent some 1.7 million employees and sole traders. The clarification work is still open for more unions to enrol.

Further information:
Jarkko Eloranta, tel. 0400 912 399
Liisa Halme, tel. 050 424 5301
Pertti Porokari, tel. 040 583 3476



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