Young people in working life

A supportive school system and high-quality education are required for young people to find their place in working life. Every young person must have access to high-quality education after comprehensive school.

nuoret työelämässä

For many young people, choosing a place to study is the most significant choice affecting their future. Young people therefore need a wide range of information about various professions and the related learning paths. Multifaceted information accelerates the transition from one level of education to the next, helps young people make informed choices and reduces dropout rates.

The fragmentation of working life and the uncertainty of young people’s lives are often mentioned in the public discussion on young people in working life. This is a real concern when young people are looking for their first job after completing their education, because finding a permanent job in their chosen field can be difficult. Many studies show that young people are pessimistic about working life. Their outlook becomes brighter after they have entered working life.

Work must enable young people to earn a living and build their life forward. Young people’s transition to working life must be facilitated by means other than reduced pay. The Finnish employment pension system is based on trust between generations. The working generation largely pays the pensions of the retired generation. The generation that built the pension system must also bear the responsibility for the pensions of future generations.

Information about working life for young people

Young people need more information, guidance and support during their transition to working life. Young employees’ terms of employment must be similar to those of other employees. Age cannot be a reason for different treatment in working life.

STTK cooperates with student and youth organisations. We bring to public discussion matters related to working life that are important for young people. We also maintain, a website providing information about working life, and, a website for summer workers and their employers which we maintain in cooperation with other central organisations.