Lobbying with influence

Our job is to influence whenever decisions are made on the welfare and quality of life of our members. We engage in advocacy work in agreement activities, by influencing public decision-making and by participating in the development of legislation. We are a reformist-minded and politically independent organisation that is actively engaged in collaboration with various public players.

Ihmiset sopimassa

Finland is a contract society where the commitment of as many people as possible is sought for decisions about a number of issues that are essential for the development of society. This model of settlement is tripartite. It involves representatives of employee organisations, employers’ organisations and the Finnish government engaging to jointly promoting the objectives that they negotiated on together. A settlement follows negotiations where each instance is looking after their own ends. The reached negotiation result is always a compromise between these objectives. Yet, more and longer-term results are reached by cooperation than any single instance could accomplish alone.

Decisions concerning us are increasingly made outside the Finnish borders. For instance, the majority of labour legislation is drafted in the EU. Furthermore, binding agreements as well as recommendations that direct operations are increasingly produced at the EU level. STTK collaborates internationally, with a particular focus on lobbying in Europe and the near abroad, but also globally. Cooperation ensures a higher impact on objectives that are essential to