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Luca Visentini relieved of his position as ITUC’s general secretary

Antti Palola | 17.3.2023

The General Council of the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) has relieved Luca Visentini, who was elected as... Read more


Statement from the BASTUN network on the arrest and detention on Belarus Trade Union Leaders

| 22.4.2022

21 April 2022 – The BASTUN The BASTUN – Baltic Sea Trade Union Network – condemns the arrest... Read more


SAK, Akava and STTK strongly condemn the Russian attack on Ukraine and support sanctions imposed by the EU

| 24.2.2022

SAK, Akava and STTK strongly condemn Russia’s attack on Ukraine in violation of international law. Besides loss of... Read more


A turbulent labour market Autumn ahead in technology and forest industry

| 24.8.2021

Helsinki (24.08.2021 – Heikki Jokinen) A turbulent labour market autumn lies ahead for Finland due to the new... Read more

Finnish employee organisation

| 26.3.2019

Joining a trade union is an advantage and opportunity to every employee. A membership creates security when everything... Read more

Trade unions under STTK

| 4.9.2018

Trade unions facilitate positive change in working life. Trade union membership is also the best form of security... Read more