International trade union movement meets in Melbourne

Jaakko Haikonen | 10.11.2022

After four years, the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) will meet once again in Congress, this time in... Read more


SAK, Akava and STTK strongly condemn the Russian attack on Ukraine and support sanctions imposed by the EU

| 24.2.2022

SAK, Akava and STTK strongly condemn Russia’s attack on Ukraine in violation of international law. Besides loss of... Read more


Coronavirus effect on the collective bargaining round

Patrizio Lainà | 19.3.2020

Helsinki (19.03.2020 – Heikki Jokinen) The Coronavirus pandemic is having an effect on the ongoing collective bargaining round,... Read more


Labour costs for an employer in Finland 34.2 Euro per hour in 2016

| 8.12.2018

Labour costs in Finland were, on average, 34.2 Euro per hour in 2016, according to Statistics Finland in... Read more


Global change – Just transitions

| 7.12.2018

Speech by Antti Palola ITUC Congress, Copenhagen 2018 Dear congress, dear brothers and sisters. It’s an honour to... Read more