Decision-making and preparation

The principles of representative democracy form the basis for the operations of the trade union movement. All players participating in decision-making in the federation have been selected to their duties through a vote, and they receive their mandate from the members of their own union.

Assembly and board of directors

A 60-member assembly exercises the highest power at STTK, drawing up the most important guidelines for the activities of the organisation. The assembly meets twice a year and has a four-year term. The organising meeting of the assembly elects the chairperson for STTK as well as the presiding officers for the board of directors and the assembly.

STTK’s 26-member board of directors is accountable for the activities to the assembly. It prepares the issues to be discussed in the assembly and executes its decisions. The board adopts the outcomes of STTK’s negotiations. It also makes decisions regarding the activities of STTK’s office. The board meets every month. The working committee of the board of directors participates in the preparation of matters, and it consists of representatives of the largest member associations at STTK.


The STTK office is the chairperson’s tool in advocacy, negotiations and public lobbying. The office personnel consist of specialists in various fields, and it is their job to carry out the issues outlined by the board of directors. In addition, specialists from the unions of STTK form committees and preparatory groups to discuss and prepare issues involving lobbying and organisational activities. The office is headed by chairman Antti Palola.

Antti Palola