Trade unions under STTK

Trade unions can help to change working life issues to a more positive direction. A membership is also the best protection in a changing working life. Work is done continuously at the unions, to have laws and agreements bring the best possible benefits and advantages to the members.

As a member you can always turn to your union in problematic situations of working life.  You will have professional legal services and employee representatives operating at the workplace to help you. Unions also offer their members help and guidance in various critical periods of working life, job-hunting, unemployment, lay-offs, and when going on family leave or thinking about retraining into a new sector. There is plenty of knowledge just one telephone call or email away.

Find the union that best suits you and join in to make working life better than ever!


Pro Union

Trade Union Pro promotes the interests of trained professionals, experts and managerial staff in both private and public sector.

Pro is a strong and responsible influencer in Finnish working life and labour markets. Its operations are based on its wide membership and steady economy.

Trade Union Unio

Trade Union Unio is a new trade union created by trade unions Nousu and the professionals in Kela. Trade Union Unio has about 9000 members that work in the bank and social insurance sector.


ERTO is a labour union for employees working in expert positions in the private service sector.
ERTO’s members represent a wide variety of fields, such as information technology, transportation and forwarding, advertising, market research, digital media, health care and social services, financial management, physical exercise, culture, free-time activities and other special fields.


The Federation of Public and Private Sector Employees Jyty is the guardian of its 50,000 members. The Jyty members work within the basic and welfare services in municipalities, joint municipal authorities, parishes, the private sector and non-profit organisations. Jyty has a comprehensive local and national network that brings negotiation power to the guardianship.

The Union of Church Employees in Finland

The members of the Union of Church Employees work in the agreement sectors of the Evangelic Lutheran Church, Orthodox Church and Christian organisations.

The Finnish Engineers’ Association ry

The members of the Finnish Engineers` Association who as expert´s and chiefs in different positions in private and public corporations both on land and on sea. The member´s of the Finnish Engineers´Association work as chief engineer, engineers and electro engineers at vessels and energy plants. We also have members working as experts in the navy, border guard and as drivers of pilot vessels.

The Finnish ship’s Officers Union

The Finnish Ship’s Officers’ Union is an occupational union established in 1905.

The union represents maritime officers both at sea and on land.


Members of the Union of Business Economy LTA consist of business economy professionals in business, and they represent widely the entire sector of business economy and its various duties.

METO-Forestry Experts’ Association

Meto – Forestry Experts’ Association is a lobbyist for people working in forestry and natural resources fields. Meto’s members work in the forest sector in various specialist, supervisory and managerial positions and as independent entrepreneurs.


The Professional Dairy Association MVL is a lively trade union formed by 3000 technical employees, employees with special training and other experts in the field of dairy industry.


The Finnish Association of Fire Fighters SPAL is the largest trade union for rescue personnel in Finland. The union looks after and safeguards rescue and emergency response centre employees’ interests and rights and promotes their wellbeing at work.


The Association of Finnish Construction Engineers and Architects RIA is a national federation of clerical employees in building trade who graduated from universities of applied science and polytechnics, with the aim to improve the operational conditions of the trades they represent in work and in society.


The Finnish Union of Practical Nurses SuPer is the largest trade union in Finland for social and health care professionals with upper secondary level qualifications as well as for students in this field. Members of SuPer work in jobs in the social and health care sector and in both the public and private sector. Members of SuPer also work as entrepreneurs in the field.


Tehy – The Union of Health and Social Care Professionals in Finland represents qualified health care professionals, social workers and students of these professions in both the private and the public sectors.


The Union of Insurance Employees in Finland VvL is a bold, visible and influential lobbyist. The union promotes the insurance, finance and investment sector employees’ occupational, social and legal interests as well as their wellbeing at work.