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STTK Board of Directors: Workplaces still have work to do in stopping racism

Antti Palola | 29.6.2022

As a result of the population’s age structure and the low birth rate, Finland must increase international recruitment... Read more


STTK survey: 80 per cent have positive experiences in working with a person with a foreign background

Taina Vallander | 13.6.2022

As many as 79 per cent of all people employed work or have worked with a person with... Read more

Fair economy

| 26.3.2019

The structures of the Finnish economy need to be reformed, competence reinforced and the number of investments increased,... Read more


The labour market organisations condemn racism

Antti Palola | 14.9.2015

The Finnish employee and employer confederations condemn racism in all forms. They point out that Finland is committed... Read more